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Emoticons-emoji is a site dedicated to symbolism, symbolism being a representation of an idea, knowledge, concept or emotion.

Through out the ancient world symbols were extensively used before the written word came about , in this world symbols had power and magical properties.

Scholars agree that true writing of language arose independently in Mesopotamia around 3200 BC and Mesoamerica around 600 BC.

Emoticons and emojis are are the modern day equivalent of ancient hieroglyphics. They transcend language and are the closest thing we have to a universal mother tongue.

An emoticon is typographic and text based only, where as an emoji are actual pictures.

The Emoticons are widely thought to have a appeared in 1982 with the proliferation of the the internet era.  Computer scientist Scott Fahlman suggested to a class at Carnegie Mellon University that :-) and :-( could be used to distinguish jokes from serious statements on-line and thats about where it all started.

Emojis are the baby of the late 1990s, created by NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese communications firm. The word e and moji translates to pictograph. Although the first emoticon emoji like image may have occurred before the electronic era and it has been recorded that in 1900s a letter by pout and author Johannes V Jensen included both the sad and smiley face looking much like the smiley face of the modern era.


Please comment on the symbols and let us know what they mean to you or what emoji could represent ancient symbols in modern times. This way we can standardise a create a universal language that all can understand :)

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