Statue of Liberty

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Freedom,   Democracy ,  Mother of Exiles

Official Name:

“Liberty Enlightening The World”

The statue is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

A universal symbol of freedom. A sign of France and the United States mutual desire for liberty, the Statue has come to symbolise much more. Embodying hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life through immigration , it is said to embody what America civilisation is or strives to be.



The history of this symbol and why it was given is actually quite shaky with varies sources quoting different reasons. Whatever the historical facts are it is a modern day symbol of freedom and liberty.

The Statue of Liberty is a neoclassical sculpture on the Liberty Island. It was a gift of friendship by the French people to the United States to commemorate the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution. The broken chain at the feet possibly hits at the concept of America as the “land of the free” after the abolishment of slavery. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States.

Designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor, was built by Gustave Eiffel and dedicated on October 28, 1886


statue of liberty by Kistin Elmquist
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Liberty Island

Liberty Island


“We will not forget that Liberty has here made her home;
nor shall her chosen altar be neglected.”

President Grover Cleveland accepting the Statue of Liberty
on behalf of the U.S., October 28th, 1886