Anonymous emblem man in suit with question mark, background globe with peace reefs



Justice, Collective Consciousness , Balance of power.

Anonymous is a group of hactivists with a decentralised command structure. They are comprised of people from around the world, they have different cultures , languages and beliefs. Their identities are unknown and may included ordinary citizens to established persons. No one know for sure as they are anonymous. They come together to fight and stand up for social injustices and to target groups and organisations who perpetrate wrongs against humanity.

Their symbol represents this and is either a stylised  Guy Fawkest mask worn by a member (Anon) or the emblem which has a question mark as a face. They have performed DDos attacks on government and corporate websites and have started to broaden their targets to groups of extremest .




The origin of the group started on 4chan, being anarchic and existing as a digitalised global brain (collective consciousness ). The group grew out of a 4chan community where they focused on entertainment, or “lulz” . Users would act anonymously, in a coordinated manner, towards loosely self-agreed goals for the sake of laughs.

The concept then started to become real force in the world or one to take note of. In 2008 their activist nature was realised when they attacked the Church of Scientology based on idealogical issues with the organisation. From that point on they have been involved in much more international and serious issues. During the Arab spring they allowed Egyptian citizens to by-pass government internet blocks and censorship, in order to keep the global community informed of what was happening in Egypt at the time and to allow communication to occur by its people within the country.

Whether you agree or not with Anon,  the anonymous symbol has become a mark of the collective nature of man to stand up against those who hold power and perform injustices towards humanity. It also represents the power of the people to come together and stand against organisations. Individually these people and organisation cannot be addressed with out the collective consciousness ,skills and efforts of those who deem them to act against our species. This is what anonymous symbolises…


There slogan is

 anonymous slogan

“We do not forgive , we do not forget. We are Legion”

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(No one should own knowledge, no man should sell it at a price that restrict access to those who seek it . Yes those who create it must be rewarded, but to keep it locked away at a price that is unreasonable or that only a few can access… This is to take away from our collective achievements , the minds who created it. It belongs us as our heritage.  )

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela-