Smiley Face

smiley face by ball

Original image of smiley by Harvey Ross


Happiness , That a line of text is a joke

The Smiley Face is a stylized representation of a humanoid face, It is one of the most recognisable and important image of popular culture.


The origin of the smiley face is not known for certain, In 1900 a letter by pout and author Johannes V Jensen included both the sad and smiley face looking much like the smiley face of the modern era.

There is much agreement that the smiley face entered popular culture in the 1963 when Harvey Ross an American graphic artist and ad man drew the styled version a round and yellow smiley face. He was commissioned to create something to booste employee moral after the State Mutual Life Assurance Company had gone through serval merges and aquisitions and he came up with the smiley face, being paid only $45 at the time. No one own any copy right to it :)

The smiley face like many popular culture icons has been morphed into to many meanings and versions, from horror movies to childrens programs . It is now mostly used as an emoji to express happiness.