Celtic Single Spiral

celtic single spiral
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The Single Spiral

One of the most universal symbols through the ancient the world, the single spiral was used extensively by the Celtics’. Being a Neolithic symbol in Europe it pre-dates the Celtic Culture. The spiral and triple spiral motif is a Neolithic symbol in Europe. Some recorded as far back as 3200 BCE.

What the Spiral symbolised to the Celtics 




Birth, Growth, Death

Expansion of Consciousness 

Perseverance and Knowledge


Additional Meaning






Its Energy

Growth, Self Actualisation, Connectivity with the Cosmic Universe, Creativity   


How to use its Energy 

To use the energy think of the spiral going from the inner to the outer , is to realise the concept of a begging to an expansion point . To use it as a metal thought process , is to understand development, until you expand beyond yourself and it enters the realms beyond the mind. Then use the energy inwards and go down the spiral from the outer, finding the core of yourself or a universal unity.  The energy is that you are part of creation in constant growing complexity towards the tangent of reality. It is the act of creation or creativity.


shel golden ratio spiral

The Golden Ratio

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Single Spiral Celtic Card