Celtic Cross or Sun Cross

celtic cross
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The Celtic Cross

This symbols’ Celtic origin and meaning is shrouded in uncertainty.Its’ appearance in Christianity is attributed to early Celtic Christians converts and symbolised a hybrid of their beliefs or understanding of this new philosophy as contextualised by their Celtic heritage . Later made into the high cross, which is a Roman/Eastern cross with a circle.

A possible symbol for sun, using a circle with intersecting lines as found in many ancient cultures around the world. 

Possible Meanings






Life Giving


The Four Seasons 


Additional Meanings




 Fire, Earth, Air, Water

South, North, East, West

Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall


Its Energy 

The desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life. The cycles of life. Life energy. Journey or navigation 


How to use Energy

A vibration of the concept of life force , utilise the knowledge and understanding  of the attributes of the sun to bring fertility and abundance into your life. To gain wisdom of the stages of life, as the Sun gives life to the earth. The navigation element being a guide to ones life path and direction.

(Personal and researched interpretation of the author, due to the uncertainty of the historical origins symbol and its ancient meaning to the Celtics)


Celtic High Cross

Celtic high Cross


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Sun Cross Celtic Card