Triquetra or Trinity Knot


The Triquetra 

The Celtic knot symbol is also referred the endless knot or trinity knot.

The Celts did believed that the most important things in life came in threes

The symbol is found through out the ancient civilizations in varies form depicted as a Celtic knot , interlinked triangles or fish. It appears in Germanic culture, Scandinavia  , Roman, Egyptian, Indian and within the Celtic world. The origin and history is not clear but it has apprehended in varies forms on Indian heritage sites dated to be about five thousand years old.

What the Triquetra symbolises to the Celtics 


Earth, Air, Water

Mind, Body, Soul

Past, Present, Future

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Thought, Feeling, Emotion

Creation, Preservation, Destruction


Additional Meanings


Spiritual Unity

Unity unbroken 

Life, Death, Rebirth


Its Energy


Eternal Love


Unity without end


How to Use its Energy 

The symbol has the energy of preservation or protection of unity. It can also vibrate with the energy of living within eternal love.


The symbol has become a part of Christian faith which represents the Trinity. When Triquetra is accompanied by a circle it puts emphases on the eternal nature that it has come to represent.

Due to its presence in insular Celtic art, Celtic Reconstructionists use the triquetra either to represent one of the various triplicities in their cosmology and theology (such as the tripartite division of the world into the realms of Land, Sea and Sky)


Trinity Knot Celtic Card energy and meaning