Dara Celtic Knot

dara celtic knot


The Dara or Darragh Celtic Knot

The Dara comes from the Irish word “doire” or Darragh, which means oak tree. To the Celtics the oak tree was a prominent in their mythology and believe , so much so that their name for priest, “druid “, is derived  from the word for oak. The Celtic Dara knot is therefore associated with the attribute associated to the oak tree. Knots being created without end point and the combination as a symbol represents eternal concepts. Dara knot is often said to represent the roots and branches of the oak tree.

What the Dara knot symbolises to the Celtics 








Additional Meanings


Doorway to Wisdom

Great Inner Strength


Its Energy 

Longevity , Inner strength , Flowing ones density or life path


How to Use its Energy 

A vibration of the concept of inner power, utilise the knowledge and understanding  of the attributes of the great oak tree to guide you on your destiny  or life purpose



In Celtic mythology, Darragh, also meant Dagda, the Celtic god of the underworld. The Indo-Europeans worshiped the oak and connected it with a thunder or lightning god; “tree”. The oak was considered to be the king of the trees, revered for its longevity.


Dara Knot celtic card